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The Cheese Burn Incident

7 Jul

It’s official; I’m an inconsistent blogger. Even worse, I’m also a terrible klutz. My fellow Dill Street-ers can attest to this fact. I’ve been known to break a bottle every now and then, or trip, or run into things and get sweet bruises. Though I distinctly make an effort to calmly place shot glasses in the sink so as not to break them. (Uhem, some are known to DROP them in the sink, which ultimately leads to some breakage and a few unhappy bartenders…) And recently Nick’s been saying, “No wonder everyone at work thinks you’re such a klutz!” I dunno…I think everyone at work makes fun of me because I’m a klutz AND an air head. Whatever. At least I can own up to these traits! =)

I thought those of you that are bored at work today, or simply get a kick out of my idiotic moments, might enjoy this awesome moment I had last night. Nick and I were making dinner. He loves making chicken breasts with Italian dressing, crouton breading and mozzarella cheese. Mmmm. So while he was working on that, I was cleaning lettuce and making us salads. He needed to wash his raw chicken-covered hands right as I was getting ready to sprinkle shredded cheese on our salads. “Will you put that chicken in the oven for me?” “Sure,” I said. So I sat the shredded cheese down so I could put the chicken in the oven. So here’s what happened…

Notice the distinct circular burn on the shredded cheese package that I proceeded to throw immediately after smelling the burning plastic.

So what happened, you ask? We don’t have a microwave this summer and we have very minimal counter space in this tiny kitchenette. I mean, what you see in the first photo, that’s it. The electric stove often becomes extra counter space while we’re cooking, washing dishes, etc. Nick melted a little butter on the stove for the breaded chicken. I didn’t notice which burner he had used; hence the hot burner that singed my cheese package. At least I have good reflexes and got that baby off of there quick! I tried to salvage some of the cheese for our salads–terrible idea. My whole salad tasted like burnt cheese. Nick’s chicken was great! =) And we made instant mashed potatoes to make up for my salad failure. Needless to say, I will never be a world-class cook. And I’ll always be a klutz. It’s inevitable.

I figured my avid followers have probably been dying for a post to read (riiiight), so I hope at least a few people got a good laugh out of this. I’ve been working on editing photos from my July 4th weekend. I’ve got two new posts in the works, I’ve just got to get better at this ‘editing rapidly’ thing. Seriously, photographers deserve some serious kudos for their rapid editing and turn-around for their clients. I’m sure it just takes a lot of practice and streamlining, er, something like that.

Fun fact of the day: Did you know that “Klutz” is a Yiddish word? It’s only been a slang term for “a clumsy person” since the 1960s. Huh. Interesting…