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This Gal’s a Beginner

22 Jun

I came to some conclusions in the photography world this week. RAW shooting = Scary. Imaging Editing = Love

Meanwhile, Nick’s parents, Ron and Kathy Respecki, are visiting with us this week in Minneapolis. We’re having a blast! Saturday we wore them out by giving them a giant walking tour of the area of the city where we’re living. For Father’s Day on Sunday, we checked out a local arts festival; the Stone Arch Arts Festival. After, we headed to Minnehaha Park for some serious grilling and relaxation! The camera went everywhere with us this weekend. Here are just a few shots from our adventures!

This little guy was adorable! Standing in line with his daddy for some ice cream!

Okay, so the little boy isn’t in focus in this one. I still loved the photo and his giant smile. I’m still learning, right?

What’s with men and cars, anyway? Old time cars were featured at the festival too. Men were drooling.

Nothing beats charcoal grilling! Ron and Kathy are leaving this baby with us for the rest of the summer! Yay! Now Nick can grill to his heart’s content.

Everyone’s gotta have one. Here’s MY Grill Master. =)

Our steak. Mmmm.

And the day wouldn’t have been complete without a stop to see the waterfall. Here’s Minnehaha Falls.

Okay. So try not to judge those shots too critically. I’m far from a pro at this point, but I’m having lots of fun and learning more every day! Hopefully there will be more to come this week. I’m vowing to blog more often!

Right now, I’m packing up so I can pick up Nick and we can head to Mall of America to meet his parents for the evening. Kathy’s on a shopping frenzy today! I can’t wait to find out what Ron’s been doing to kill time while she shops! =)