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Take me out to the Ball Game!

29 Jun


Twin Cities Pride

28 Jun

Yesterday, I was torn. The weather was gorgeous and for the first time all summer we had the opportunity before us to hit up a pool and soak up some rays. On the other hand, yesterday was the Twin Cities’ Ashley Rukes GLBT Pride Parade at 11:00 am. We had the opportunity to experience an event unlike any other. The Pride Parade is the largest parade in Minneapolis and typically brings out 125,000 spectators. What to do, what to do?!?In the end, we gave in to our vitamin D starved bodies and headed to the pool.

We’ve got a few sunning spots we want to try out before the end of the summer but yesterday we tried the Edina Aquatic Center. The city of Edina, turns out, is the Carmel, Indiana, of Minneapolis. Just as unfortunately unsustainable. The round-a-bouts were missing, but underutilized green “space” was in abundance. Regardless, we enjoyed our afternoon of sunning next to all of the local trophy wives. I love chlorinated pools. =) When we got back, we parked Sally in her temporary spot in what has to be the cheapest parking garage in Minneapolis–$5 for 24 hours on the weekend! Incredible. With all of our pool gear in tow, we had to walk around the entire block to get into our apartment. The Saloon’s Block Party had our apartment building surrounded!

The Pride festivities were still flourishing and we were not disappointed with bizarre moments. Though, I could have done without the man in suspenders and the smallest pair of underwear imaginable…Anyways, The Saloon Block Party we had received complimentary tickets to as compensation for Sally’s weekend relocation, was seriously noisy. When we first got upstairs, I thought our neighbors were rockin’ out to some serious tunes; serious tunes that were shaking our entire apartment. The base booming through our bodies made P90x Yoga X a little difficult. So by late in the evening, we were more than intrigued. We headed downstairs to check out the late night events and see what kind of crowds had developed. I was amazed! Our apartment is in a single loaded corridor and that corridor happens to be the east facade of the building–windowless except for the second floor. There is a parking lot between the Stage Apartment building and the Art Institute building to the east. Our apartment was shaking because the stage was in that very surface lot adjacent to our corridor. We did hear some great tunes during the beginning of the night and by the time we had finally gone outside to check it out, Blake Lewis was on stage. (I’m happy to report that at 11:30 pm, the music finally subsided and we were able to get some sleep!)

The Saloon Block Party seemed to be a huge success and I hope the GLBT Minneapolis Community had a blast this weekend for Pride! I’m still sad that we ended up missing the parade but we did get a few shots of the Block Party last night so ya’ll could see how big the weekend celebration got; actually, this was just a small slice of the array of events from the weekend. Check it out.

Our apartment is just to the right of the buildings in the next image.

So if you remember in my first post, that little yellowish building with the metal clad fire stair at the north end is our apartment complex. The larger yellowish building is the Art Institute building. The lot between both buildings was The Saloon Block Party main stage.

Nick’s Nighttime Post

26 Jun