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Counting My Blessings

24 Jun

Today, I’m feeling exceptionally blessed. The Respecki family left this morning and during my lonely moments after their departure, I was reflecting on the time Nick and I spent with his parents the last few days.

I would say that Nick and I are both very, very blessed to have been raised in loving, caring, supportive, middle-class families. Neither of us have ever gone without anything we’ve needed and probably couldn’t describe what true “hardships” are like. Don’t get me wrong; both of our families have worked really hard (much before we can remember) and endured hardships of their own to get to the point of financial stability and comfortable lifestyles. I know that I am so thankful for my hard-working family and everything they’ve taught me about life and survival out in the real world. While Nick and I are doing our best to support ourselves and become increasingly independent, neither sets of parents would ever let us starve!

To my point; Nick and I were spoiled this week. His parents bought us multiple meals out this week, bought us steaks for our Father’s Day grilling extravaganza, bought us grocery items to fill our fridge, and Kathy even brought along 5 bottles of wine for their vacation here in Minneapolis! Kathy even left us a card with a Target gift card in it so we don’t “starve” the rest of the summer! Oh goodness. We must have really portrayed a sob story, and our cabinets and fridge must have looked really empty! Don’t fret, everyone! Nick and I are not starving! I promise! =) But we do enjoy being spoiled every once in a while…C’mon, who doesn’t!

So just to reassure everyone else, since the Respecki’s were here taking care of use, our cabinet (yeah, there’s really only one cabinet with food in it) is FULL!

You know, the essentials: peanut butter, coffee, creamer, Oreos, potato buds, and pancake mix!

And this is sure to make some of you chuckle. Ron and Kathy had to tease us about one of our fridge items when they arrived. See if you can guess which item that was.

I refuse to be ashamed of my love of whiskey. And I bet if you ask my good friend Kate Lengacher, she’ll tell you there’s no shame in a little (cheap) CC every once in a while. =) But to justify its existence for Ron and Kathy, it was a left-over bottle from a spring bonfire, the bottle is plastic, and was therefore, easy to travel with up to Minn Minn! =) (I hope you guys were convinced…)

If I didn’t say it enough while you guys were here, THANK YOU, RON AND KATHY! I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say that we sincerely enjoyed your visit. We’re looking forward to seeing you next! Especially if you take us to the aquarium and let us eat ice cream before our main meal like you did this time around! =)

Nick and I are now patiently waiting on more visitors. I won’t name names, but I’ve heard talks of visits from lots of family and friends with no definite dates yet. I hate to break it to you, everyone, but we’ve only got seven weeks left in Minnesota!!! Pack your bags!